An inhabitant make you

discover its Pilat

The Greeters are inhabitants fascinated by their territory. They wish to make discover their city or village, their daily life and their various passions to the visitors, during friendly and free meetings.


The latter can last between two and four o'clock and always address individuals. A greeter can never offer a meeting to a group of more than six people: the objective is to favor the exchange between the greeter and his visitors.


Greeters are not guides or professionals of the frame, and they do not propose guided tours. They are passionate inhabitants, who accompany the tourists the time of a meeting in Pilat, to talk to them of their passions, stories,…

It is human experience, real-life experience of places and exchange that are important and remain the basis of the meeting.


Examples of themes that can be offered during the meeting: farming, local products, vineyards, architecture, views from summits, religious art, forest, textile holdings,

To become a greeter it is necessary to live in the Park of Pilat or to prove a particular attachment to this territory.


Discover the Pilat with one of our Pilat Greeters


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